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Celebrating Authentic Italian Cuisine

Upon stepping into La Pastaia, you’ll be greeted by an inviting ambiance that seamlessly combines modern elegance with rustic charm. The cozy and friendly environment creates an ideal setting for an enchanting culinary experience. From homemade pasta tossed in flavorful sauces to mouthwatering wood-fired pizzas topped with the freshest ingredients, our menu offers a wide range of classic Italian dishes prepared with a contemporary flair. La Pastaia is the brainchild of a dynamic duo whose expertise and love for the culinary

Hailing from Italy themselves, the owners bring a wealth of knowledge, passion, and family tradition to Bay Park. Native Sicilian Priscilla Scardina is gifted with pasta-making hands and a heart. Priscilla recalls how at the young age of four her mother taught her to make homemade pasta with her tiny fingers. She reminisced how, “The kitchen would come alive as the smell of garlic, basil, tomatoes, and rosemary filled the room and told stories of our Italian heritage.” Her love of authenticity and fine ingredients is evident in the recipes used to curate the menu.

Maria Lo Cascio is the lead floor manager and throughout the past months she has led the design team in transforming La Pastaia into a remanence of her family’s restaurant. Throughout the design phase, Maria actively contributed her expertise and took inspiration from her family’s restaurant in Sicily with Venetian-like attributes. “It fills my heart with nostalgia and excitement as I embark on this new chapter together, embracing the timeless bond that food and family weave in my life,” she confessed. Priscilla and Maria have always wanted to create an exceptional dining establishment that celebrates the best of Italian cuisine while embracing the local community. Priscilla believes La Pastaia is how she can continue her Italian mother’s legacy of good food and family in a way that serves her community.

Gioia senza fine

Best Pasta in San Diego

Indulge in the pillowy goodness of homemade gnocchi or a satisfying mouthful of Mezzi Maniche Carbonara, La Pastaia extends beyond irresistible pasta creations. Gourmet Handmade pizza and Italian veggie dishes will be available to so-inclined San Diegans. Some of Priscilla’s favorites that bring memories from her childhood are, mafalde all barca which is a homemade marinara, ricotta cheese served in a roasted eggplant, and the spigola dish, which is a freshly caught sea bass, herb crusted, served with champagne emulsion.

Perfect venue to celebrate special occasions

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening out, a gathering with friends, or a special occasion celebration, La Pastaia promises to deliver a memorable dining experience that satisfies your cravings for authentic Italian cuisine.